Every Project is an opportunity to innovate and find better ways to market and increase ROI - saving time, saving money and connecting people to deliver above & beyond.

Our History

Udaan was established in 1998 as a real estate marketing and advertisement enterprise grounded on the values of trust, sincerity and reliability. Since that time, the Company has evolved to become one of the significant players in the Pakistan’s real estate Industry.The founding members Mr. Raja Sher Afghan and Mr. Irfan Khalil founded their first office in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. Embarking on journey that hasn’t stopped since… Young individuals at prime of their youth envisioned a dream of establishing a company that caters the ever growing/ rapidly rising real estate demand and satisfy the customers desires for affordable, luxury living.

The boom in real estate sector in 20’s gave the Company a golden opportunity to become a key contributor towards the development of the property industry, one of the region's most successful economic drivers.Whilst most of our growth has come organically, over the last two decades Udaan has expanded into group of companies. Udaan been the operational divisions of the Group, specializing in the marketing, sales and advertisement of the real estate projects. Each company is a market leader in its own niche. The evolution of the Company is best reflected by the very broad range of projects and the network of offices, with which the Company has evolved over the time.